Happy Birthday, Jackson Browne!

As anyone who’s ever had more than a few conversations with me knows, I love Jackson Browne. I know for a fact that even some people who have never had a conversation with me know I love Jackson Browne.

He is absolutely my favorite musician and songwriter. He’s one of my favorite people. I love seeing him in concert and am patiently waiting for him to make his way to California again. I’m hesitant to get my first tattoo, only because I can’t decide which of the words Jackson has written I want attached to my body forever. Honest to God, I’d drop out of school to be one of the people who tour with him. I love Jackson Browne.

And, because it’s his 69th birthday today, I wanted to type up a brief post and share some of Jackson’s songs that hold special value for me.


“Rosie” is the song that made me love Jackson Browne in May, a year and a half ago. The melody of that line, “Rosie, you’re all right,” is what did it. And the genius of the understated feeling in the lyrics.

“Rock Me On The Water,” as I mentioned in this post, was the first song I heard Jackson play live, at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles August, a year ago. I’ve seen him twice since then, but that first show has a special place in my heart, as does this song.

Jackson played “Something Fine” at the most recent concert I went to. It’s the song I’ve always wanted to hear Jackson play live. It’s the song I was humming, while I waited for my first Jackson Browne concert to start last year. I was so happy to hear it, at last. I think a part of me was always waiting for it.

“Love Needs A Heart” features, arguably, my favorite of any of Jackson’s vocals. I happened to set this song as my alarm one morning, a while ago, and I remember waking up to it, drowsy but overwhelmed by the beauty of Jackson’s voice on this track. I heard this one live recently too.

“These Days” is the song I mention when someone asks me what my favorite Jackson Browne song is. Granted, that doesn’t happen often, but, when it does, I have my answer.

“Hold Out” is the song (and album) that surprised me. I waited a long time to listen to it and regret waiting so long now. There are some really beautiful songs on the album, in addition to this one.

“My Opening Farewell” is the song I’ve been listening to on repeat this week. It shuffled in while I sat in my car, listening to music over the weekend, and it struck me as more beautiful then than it had previously. “There’s a world, you know,” he sings, “We’ve got a ways to go.” Indeed, we do.

Happy Birthday, Jackson.


4 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Jackson Browne!”

  1. All good choices. I could listen to any of these right now. My top JB songs – The Pretender, Before the Deluge, Fountain of Sorrow, For A Dancer and The Late Show.


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