Winter Records


I haven’t had much time since school started up again to listen to records, obviously not to write, and I definitely haven’t had time to go record shopping, but I picked some albums up over Winter Break, and I wanted to show them off.

Born In The U.S.A. // Bruce Springsteen

This one still has the shrink wrap on it and a sticker! Lin says the shrink and stickers make albums more collectible, so I always keep an eye out for them. I actually waited a couple of weeks to buy this copy, before deciding that an album as iconic as Born In The U.S.A., in such beautiful condition, deserved a loving home. I’ve been listening to this album on repeat since I got my new record player, and it sounds just as pretty as it looks.

Sweet Forgiveness // Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt. I knew her name, because she and Jackson Browne are pals, but I never listened to her. Then, while listening to No Nukes: The Muse Concerts for a Non-Nuclear Future, I heard “Angel From Montgomery” and “Runaway,” and, basically, I’ve been in love ever since. This album has so many pretty songs on it.

Some Girls // The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are another band I just never got around to listening to. Then I decided that I wanted to learn to like The Rolling Stones, so I like The Rolling Stones now. I’ve liked this album for a while, but I was holding out to buy an original copy (you can tell it’s an original, because all of the celebrities are featured on the sleeve), and I finally found it!

Willie And The Poor Boys // Creedence Clearwater Revival

CCR albums are hard to find; like The Doors’ albums, no one seems to want to sell them in nice condition at a conscionable price. So, I was happy to find this album, which has a special place in my heart. It’s the classic rock album I loved before I loved classic rock; I was writing the lyrics to “Fortunate Son” on my arms before I even knew who Jackson Browne is.

Also pictured are Simon & Garfunkel’s Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. and JSD Band’s Travelling Days. I’ve talked about this Simon & Garfunkel album before, but I wasn’t familiar with JSD Band before Lin gifted me this promo copy for Christmas.


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